Our studio is available for rent.

Please contact us for more details.


Studio A

This studio is perfect for group activities, physical training etc.

Rate: $25+txs/hour*

Studio B 

This studio is equipped with 6 reformers (including reformer jumpboards).

Rate: $25+txs/hour*


Studio C 

This studio is equipped with one Stott Pilates Reformer with the Tower converter.

Rate: $15+txs/hour*


You are an instructor or aspiring to be one, and need a place to practice on the reformer without breaking the bank ?

Studio rentals can be pretty expensive. Trust us, we know the struggle!

VPilates is supporting instructors by offering a studio to rent as low as $8.70+txs/hour.

You will have access to our pilates equipment, as well as a reformer for your private practice**.

* Please note that all our prices exclude taxes.

** Instructor rate eligible for private practice only. Not applicable for private or semi-private classes.